User Experience / Interaction Design Portfolio

System Outage Contingency

Business challenge    A freight transportation company is reducing the amount of paperwork needed to move freight, relying on its computer network for critical documentation. If the network is not available, due to power outages or system failure, documentation must be accessible through alternate means.    More »

Multiple Activity Support

Business challenge    Desktop and mobile software applications supporting city pickup & delivery operations originally allowed for only a single pickup or delivery activity per customer stop. If drivers had multiple deliveries or pickups at the same location, they had to repeat arrival and departure activities on mobile devices, resulting in wasted effort.    More »

Freight Dimension Measurement

Business challenge    Making the best use of space on trailers requires accurate data about the dimensions of freight.   More »

EDI Application

Business challenge    An outdated mainframe system is unable to support customer requirements for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). EDI business analysts are severely limited in their ability to meet customer needs and manage customer relationships.    More »